Functional English

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Everyday English – Level A2.1 (Low Intermediate) to B1.1 (Intermediate)

06 May to 20 June 2024

When and Where:

EBG EBZ, Maxim-Gorki-Str. 14

  • Gorki Gladiators:  Mondays, 17.15-18.45, Level A2.1
  • Gorki Rebels:  Thursdays, 17.15-18.45, Level A2.2

ASZ Cracau, Clara-Zetkin-Str. 17

  • Cracau Skippers: Mondays, 11.30-13.00, Level B1.1

AWO Diesdorf, Gr. Diesdorfer Str. 169a

  • Beims Friends:  Wednedays, 9.30-11.15, Level A2.1
  • Beims Comrades:  Wednesdays, 11.30-13.15, Level A2.1
  • Beims Buddies:  Wednesdays, 13.30-15.15, Level B1.1

ASZ Sudenburg, Halberstädter Str. 115a

  • Sudenburg Desperados:  Tuesdays, 9.30-11.15, Level A2.1
  • Sudenburg Daredevils:  Wednesdays, 9.15-11.00, Level A2.1
  • Sudenburg Evergreens: Thursdays, 9.30-11.15, Level B1.1

PIK ASZ, Leipziger Str. 43

  • Reform Regulars:  Tuesdays, 9.30-11.15, Level A2.


99€ Standard

89€ Seniors, Students, Unemployed

10€ Discount on classes with 10 or more participants

10€ Discount on classes that fall on a holiday


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This is an English language course related to everyday and travel topics. The focus is on language use in the form of dialogues and role-plays on typical vacation and everyday situations.

Gorki Gladiators
Gorki Rebels
Cracau Skippers
Beims Friends
Beims Comrades
Beims Buddies
Sudenburg Desperados
Sudenburg Daredevils
Sudenburg Evergreens
Reform Regulars
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