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Since 2005 - originally under the name Lexxus Sprachenservice - we have been offering English courses in and around Magdeburg. Our self-developed concept of "Edutainment" stands for Education and Entertainment and guarantees you to learn English with fun. Language acquisition becomes a cultural experience with us, not only through the course design and choice of topics, but also through our many native-speaking employees.

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Get ready to learn English! Whether you need English for your professional career or your company is looking for a customized English course or you want to get ready for your next vacation: We have the right classroom for you! A bit unusual, but very lively and highly effective. Browse through our offers and see what suits you best.


Do you love reading books but have never ventured into an English one? Here's the solution: At The Reading Club, we read classics of world literature, appropriate to each language level. And there's a little something about that, too....

Your business is our priority. We offer a range of options to meet the needs of your business. Discover what we have to offer.

Experience English, or German, or Spanish is the motto for our everyday courses! Typical situations and dialogues abroad, paired with cultural insights into the country and its people. Language culture.
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Our company offers a comprehensive text translation service for partners, including quotations, individual agreements and quality control

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Our new offers for language trips in 2024 are ready!

Every year we offer targeted workshops on various business topics and at different language levels. The respective group size is 5-8 people to ensure a high level of intensity

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New for 2024!

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New for 2024!

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